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Scots Timothy is an ancient Scottish Landrace variety of grass, Timothy, Phelum pratense.

From the Grass Family - Gramineae.

Timothy is indigenous to Europe, with Scots Timothy being the only Landrace grass seed variety still grown for commercial production in the UK.

Scots Timothy has been grown for commercial use since the 1890s, although there is mention of Scotch Timothy being grown in Scotland since the 1700 from newspaper articles.

Scots Timothy has been on the recommended grass variety lists from the beginning in the UK. With the Scots Timothy Seed Growers Association being formed in 1962. The first type of this organisation ever formed in Scotland.

Particularly in the cold, wet weather conditions that Scotland experiences, this variety has consistently produced, and is still a top recommended variety.

Timothy hay is the most historic hay varieties arround but yet the product of the Scot's Timothy variety is rapidly decreasing close to the point of extinction. Scots Timothy is a Landrace variety that needs promotion to prevent the loss of this sub-species all together. It is also important to increase its production in order to encourage the biodiversity of the crops used by the agricultural community. It has many characteristics which should be making it the 1st choice of hay seed such as:

  • Excellent palatability
  • Scot's is the most winter hardy species
  • Farmer friendly - an excellent high yielding, easy made hay crop with very little input required
  • Environmentally friendly - extremely long lasting, perennial crop.
  • Brilliant in heavy, cold, wet soils
  • Vital resource for agrobiodiversity and food security