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  • The Scots Timothy Seed Growers Association was formed on the 16th of January 1962
  • The selection of a small number of elite stocks of Timothy from which foundation stocks of high quality seed would be obtained as foundation stocks for growers members
  • Seed must be from crop of at least 4 years
  • Initially set up with grower members, representatives from the Seed Trade and Technical members from Auchencruive, East Craigs, Dunblane and Stirling
  • Separate areas of the colleges at Auchincruive, East Craigs and a Mr Thompson would lay out plots which would be supervised by the Technical Staff and which would be open to growers to inspect.
  • Crop Inspections and crop isolations would be carried out by 1 grower, 1 Merchant and 2 Technical members- the main aims which were of importance of keeping the characteristics of Pure Scots Timothy and that as far as "Stock Seed" was concerned they restricted themselves to lay which had been down for at least 4 years and had still maintained the characteristics of genuine Scots Timothy.
  • In the first year 52 farms comprising 645 acres of seed of which 218.5 were classed as "Stock Seed" and 426.5 acres of "Approved Seed"
  • All members must sow approved seed
  • Labels were to be attached firstly by the grower with the name and address of grower, grade of seed and reference number, so that any bag could be traced. And that each Merchant would carry the same reference number and the words "Scots Certified Timothy" in bold type
  • Good Timothy hay rather than seed being the primary objective.
  • A price of £305 per ton was agreed in 1962

For further information please contact Alison Muirhead on 01259 760400 or email alan@grassseed.co.uk